Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bad Boy Gotten: Mission Terminated

Goddamn, it feels good. After 11 years of searching the internet, the phone book and even the stars, I have found the impossible to find music of Earl “Bad Boy Butch” Batson. The Bad One made his music in his home, with a simple cassette recorder, an out-of-tune guitar missing strings and a voice like… I have no way to describe it. Words fail. He is perhaps Satan’s redneck minion of song. That’ll have to do.

Anyone who has heard the Bad Boy knows and anyone who knows me is tired of hearing about him. Well, I will shut the fuck about it because I have now the CD, sent with love from South Carolina by a man I don’t even know. We met each other via someone I met on Xtop’s which has a longer piece on my search for Bad Boy. I will never speak ill of technology again.

I have devoted a large chunk of my weekend to driving around Chicago and listening to the Bad Boy. It sounds horrendous. It sounds beautiful.

Now: I feel a sense of purposelessness. What do I do now? What shall be my new obsession? I need a Holy Grail. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time.