Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sweet Vinny Rollbar

I wrote a review for the forthcoming Melvins tribute record, We Reach. Night Times (, of course, picked it up as they print most of the crap music/movie opinions I squeeze out. Be that as it may, I feel a bit weird about the somewhat negative review. I gave the record a B minus even though it is more like a D plus. But I got it for free (ask me if you want a copy) and saw that Julia, my editor, wrote an email to the record company exec complete with a link to my underwhelmed review. Will this record exec read the thing? Will he blame me for the one big grammatical mistake that Night Times missed? Will I loose my rights to free shit?

Aw, who cares?

For the record, The Melvins are probably better than whatever you are listening to right now. Put that in your smoke and pipe it, sistro.