Monday, February 20, 2006

At least my typos are mistakes…

and not because I can’t spell “resents.” I can, I am just a sloppy typist.

Anyway, someone at the occasional home of my media writing, must have written something offensive to the nut jobs of St. Louis as this email arrived in my editor’s inbox:

“Please do not put the punks and vampires in the same category as the Saint Louis Goths, because we are not. I am not a kid. I am actually 35 years old. I have found the Saint Louis Goths to be a bunch of self righteous, pretentious, disrespectful and demeaning little bunch of brats who have borrowed all the hollywood fashion, persona, and look of the mythical vampires but actually want nothing to do with real vampires and how we actually live and what we think. I am making an honest effort to distance the sincere Goth community and the real Vampires from the pretentious little brats and so are people like Eric Peniston (also over 30) who by the way has his work cut out for him cause he is a little too tolerant and nice to the little pompous darlings. Please for the love of God do not lump us in with the Saint Louis Goths because they are a group of shallow people peddling black clothes, shoes, cd's, and concert tickets, and fetish shoes but they have no social purpose or cause and no respect for anything. They borrowed the name of a teutonic tribe and through on the byronic clothing of hollywood vampires yet the are a disgrace to the teutonic tribe known as Goths and to vampires as well. Your are right they are sad. The vampire community of Saint Louis recents the association, mainly because the Goths have been so rude and judgemental to us.”

I’ll not reprint the vampire’s name out of respect and because I fear a visit in the night. And I’m fresh out of garlic.

Incidentally, you’d think eternal life might afford one the time to learn to spell. And it is interesting to see a vampire write, “for the love of God.” And what the hell is the “byronic clothing of hollywood vampires” anyway?

Okay, let’s all laugh at this person. There. Feel better about your life? I sure do. Hell, life almost seems worth living at the moment. After all, this 35 year-old gave up playing Dungeons and Dragons before high school.