Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I feel better

Inspired by my brother and his ongoing list of things that piss him off, here’s a brief one or two from me that will lead into my thoughts on flying, which will come some day:

People who speak in italics

I have a guy in two of my classes who does this and it makes me want to strangle him. Aside from the labored emphasis and false enunciation he uses to communicate his all-important fucking half-conceived ideas, he inserts pregnant pauses and raises his eyebrows as if to ensure we all understand the weight of his statements. And he asks too many rhetorical questions. Fuck him. Learn to communicate like an adult and stop the intellectual posturing, you self-obsessed showboating prick. It’s a classroom not a stage, you theatre major dropout, and it doesn’t make you seem any smarter, asshole.

The Minutemen

The last thing we need at the border is some fucking yahoos who think they are defending this country. Who are these people? What training do they possess? Do they have any idea of history, any understanding of what it is they are doing? Any authorization? Are they armed and if so, disarm them. What are they, an offshoot of the Michigan Militia? I don’t want some fucking redneck or right-wing fanatic at the border with a goddamn gun, looking to shoot brown people in the name of my country. It’s bad enough that the U.S. stole the land from the Mexicans; do we have to have them shot by citizens without a clue as to what they are doing? Or, if they are not armed, then what the hell do they propose to do about people crossing the border? Tell them to turn around? Wave placards and flags in their faces? It’s a fucking waste of time and it is a bunch of fucking idiots who invoke the name of a historical group as if any of them can read a goddamn book and understand the true history of this sad nation. Which leads me to…


I don’t get it. I am not proud to be an American, never have been. I didn’t do anything of which to be proud. I am glad I am in this country a lot of the time, but that is based on the ever-diminishing idea of how the country is supposed to be. Sadly, rights and freedoms are going by the wayside for the illusion of security and it makes me less and less proud to be an American. I hate the “U.S.A.!” chanting, flag waving, wearing the stars-n-stripes pin on your Kohls discount blazer, back-slappin’, historical revisionism. Fuck us, we’re a young, loud, thug of a country. We’re assholes.


Stay Tuned.