Thursday, June 08, 2006

Coulter's Lame Controversy

Not more than 24 hours after I posted about Ann Coulter’s new book, she appears on Matt Lauer’s show defending her comments regarding the 9/11 widows. I read about it, heard people on the train talking about it and so on, so I decided to do what most people on the right fail to do, investigate. Yes, rather than use hearsay to form an opinion, I searched and searched until I found a video of her on the show, hearing with my own ears what Annie had to say.

In her book she makes some incendiary comments about the widows of 9/11, mainly about how they are very rich now (which she uses as an accusation, although I know not why since that form of capitalism and wealth is always celebrated by republicans) and how they not only used their husband’s deaths for their own gain but also to further their political beliefs in the press. As opposed to Ann writing a book to openly state hers. (I’m sure there’s a difference somewhere and some right-winger will point it out, flaws and all.) She seems to feel these women, as victims, are wrongly considered to be above criticism, which is exactly why she criticizes them. Showing the kind of sensitivity the right is known for, she uses the word “broads” as a stand-in for “women.” How edgy. Even funnier to these eyes is the point Coulter makes that these women behave as though the terrorist acts have happened only to them. Funny, considering the way our country does the does the same thing.

The whole 9/11 Wives statement is a minor point of her larger argument, I am sure-- but more to the point, it is clear that Ann is up to her old tricks again. She exists for very simple reasons: to piss off the left, to generate a distraction from real issues and to be a soapbox clown for conservatives who, for some reason, love her and hate her liberal doppelganger, Michael Moore.

The controversy Coulter seeks to spark is lame. There is no basis for her comments expect to incite left-wing anger, which is a standard tactic of the right. And we on the left side of the fence fall for it every time. We get pissed when a memeber of the right says something this stupid and we let our anger get the best of us, raising our voices and calling these mere goons worse names, like “Satan Bitch” or “Cunt” or “Horse Faced Loon” which, while perhaps apt, only makes us look like the knee-jerk reactionaries we so deplore. Coulter is not worth it. She’s not nearly funny or intelligent enough to deserve such reactions, much less this post on an insignificant blog. But I post it for the same reason I celebrate her new book—as I always celebrate her books— because it achieves one very important goal: it offers ample evidence of right-wing buffoonery. Go, Annie! Keep making your side look stupid.