Monday, September 11, 2006

Who Cares?

These things are strange, really, and I think anyone who has one writes as if they are communicating with a small number of people, or maybe one, and certainly believes that the world is watching, listening in on inside jokes and private communiqués turned public. I know I do. I read a blog page and it struck me that it, and the comments attached, were a conversation between two friends, people who probably speak to each other often on the phone, interact in person weekly if not more, and no doubt email constantly. So why have a blog unless you think so highly of yourself and your friend(s) and want to share this dazzling banter with the rest of us? Why visit such a site? Why did I?

I take comfort in the idea that you read this page and that there is no space for public comments. This ought to be a one-way message to you anyway. You could always email me or call me or find me and look me in the eyes. Anyone who reads this could if they really want, but since no one does I am comfortable with what I have been putting up here as of late. And the reader(s) should have no voice. That’s the problem with the internet generation: they all think they deserve to have a voice, to have the world know who they are. Guilty myself, as charged.

Stay tuned for more self-indulgence.