Friday, July 06, 2007

You got a reaction: ZZZZZZZZ

I’m sure he gets more than his share of hits, but check out Matt “VENGEANCE IS MINE!!” Fraction’s blog thing and scroll down a bit to find the review he wrote for the newest album by the increasingly dull White Stripes.

Xtop first hipped me to these guys when they had two records under their belts. Back then they were undeniably exciting, though I’ll never understand why my hipper-than-me pals couldn’t hear the similarity to early Led Zeppelin. The third record is where I dropped off, mainly because, as good as it was, I still couldn’t get off those first two. By the time the next two came out I was sick of the whole thing. The piano based White Stripes do nothing for me. In fact, when I hear that song about the doorbell I want to smash things. It is clearly the most obnoxious song since No Doubt’s “Hey Baby.” But I had not ruled out the Stripes entirely. “Blue Orchid” is a damn good song, probably due to its simplicity and short length. Jack White ought to take that into consideration. I don’t know, I heard the title track of the new CD and, while it has nice parts, especially the noisy little solos and noodlings, it is over-long and clearly trying too hard. Not to mention that Jack White’s “la la la la [etc.]” shit just sounds lazy.

I’m off to listen to some Otis Redding now. Ta.