Thursday, December 27, 2007

Me vs. Life

Five days off from work will really make you realize the importance of not working. The old joke: how do you make god laugh? Make a plan.

My plans for the time off involved reading a lot, writing, doing some WWB work, watching movies, drinking and enjoying the dwindling time when I can legally smoke in bars. Sadly, I got sick and had to curb the smoking and drinking, which meant I did not get to any of my watering holes, save for Wednesday when I met friends at the pub (non-smoking friends, which meant I abstained). Other calamities befell. Aching muscles and old age pains, city living, broken glass, dirt, rage, resignation . . . it was all too much. I ended up staying in most of the time, sitting on my ass and watching cable and only occasionally reading (and writing less than I had hoped). And then I missed DC at the airport. And I couldn’t sleep very much. It was an ideal break in some ways but, as with all vacations, even those spent in town, it ended too soon and I felt as though nothing I set out to do was done. But who cares? It still beats having to shuffle into the office.

A four-day weekend approaches and I again plan to relax, read, write, watch movies, loaf. We’ll see if the city and the demands of modern life impede this non-activity.