Monday, June 23, 2008

Sour Grapes

The new Issue of Willow Springs is out

I did not win the Vachel Lindsay Poetry award, which is no big surprise. I must say, at the risk of seeming cocky and bitter, that I think my entry much better than the winner’s. Really, I read his poem and was pretty underwhelmed. We have different styles, and clearly his is more fitting to the editors. I don’t mind losing poetry contests but I kind of minded losing to that poem. I mean, my instructor/thesis advisor beat me, and the rest of her class, in the Bright Lights, Big City contest (funny seeing as she egged us into submitting) but I respect her work enough to not feel upset at losing. But I wonder if the wayward shit I write is really too contrary to what passes as poetry in this here modern world.

Oh well, they sent me a copy of the issue, which has nice cover art at least.