Sunday, September 14, 2008

Donoso, Schrader, and my delicious human feast

A chance purchase from of a used (and difficult to find) copy of a Jose Donoso book brought an interesting discovery. The book comes from the collection of the late screenwriter, Leonard Schrader, a man responsible for turning a great Manuel Puig book into a workable film. The seller sent me this link to a short documentary on the man and his love of book collecting:

and this link about the man himself:

Aside from comments like the one about characters from Kiss of the Spider Woman— “The commie and the transvestite in a jail cell,” though from what I recall Molina is a not transvestite, just openly gay, and reducing Valentin to a simple “commie” seems wrong— the film is interesting if only to see the library from which my new book originates. Books, some believe, hold a piece of their owners. If this is so, then I have pieces of human beings filed nicely along the shelves of my bedroom, in my dining and living rooms and even stacked along my floor.