Monday, November 10, 2008

Cheap Drunks Crash the 2666 Party

Over at Three Percent, Chad Post laments that at the 2666 release party in New York, a bunch of “non-literary folk” crashed the event, informed that there was a party with free booze by a website called So Chad was upset that some dolts crashed the big literary party to soak up some free drinks. My feelings on this are mixed, as no one wants to hang out with morons, especially when they’re not there to celebrate the release of a major world novel, and also when those in the know are there to hobnob with Zadie Smith and other big name literary folk. Another thought is that Bolaño might have loved it. This is the guy who, in his youth, crashed poetry readings by big name literary folk and shouted his own poems over theirs. Okay, so maybe that is more of a literary activity than some cheap-asses busting into a book release party solely for free drinks, but the irony is thick and I’ll bet the late author would have found it more amusing than the sophistos in attendance.

Also, I couldn’t go, so screw it.

My other thought: Why have I never heard of this website? I could have used this once upon a time. Damn internet, where were you when I was an unemployed drunk?