Monday, February 02, 2009

There’s nothing I hate more than being sick, although it allows me to do one of my favorite things: eat. Having a cold involves eating lots of spicy food so as to clear the crammed nasal passages, which I did: Pad Thai with extra red pepper sauce on Saturday and chilaquiles yesterday, in a green sauce that packed a nice punch.

The odd thing: I took a sick day last week when I didn’t need to. Mi niña said to me, “let’s call in,” and I didn’t think twice about it. So I might have called in today were it not for that, but it’s okay—today would not have been as fun as Wed. was, considering I finally got mi niña bella to watch Time Bandits with me. For those who don’t know, Time Bandits was my favorite movie when I was a kid. I watched it over and over again, always checking the cable guide to make sure could catch the next showing. And I’ve seen it many times as an adult, though not lately, and definitely not via the Criterion Collection DVD. Mi niña agreed to watch the film, despite her aversion to some of the members of the cast, because I had allowed the film Ratatouille to be played in my presence. Let it be said here: I hate rats, even cute cartoon ones. Well, after allowing the Disney film to be shown in my living room, in front of my horrified face, I told her that our standing agreement regarding me only seeing that movie if she agreed to watch Time Bandits was still in effect. Essentially, this served as a form of mutual deterrence and her slip-up was due to a memory lapse, of which I took full advantage. Thus I was able to see this masterpiece once again. Ah, the memories it conjured. I still love the movie and put it up pretty goddamn high on the list of best things ever burnt into celluloid. And, lo and behold, mi niña didn’t seem to hate Time Bandits (just as I had to admit that rat-a-fouchi wasn’t too bad).

Thanks for listening, I’m off now to drink some tea and slog through a day at work when I’d sooner be sleeping.

Oh, I hear there was a football game yesterday. Here something that got cut from the roster of commercials that, I am told, people seem to like to watch during this big game: