Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Go to and check out a few short bits from the new CD by Dälek, maybe the most exciting and strange hip-hop outfit left in America. Hip-hop is dead? Not as long as this type of shit is being made. Yeah, Lil’ Wayne thinks he’s the shit and Kanye West, that arrogant fuck, is talking about carrying the hip-hop world on his back, but what do they know? I’d love to hear something as daring as Dälek come from any of those clowns.

But Dälek, for all their experimenting, may never record a better record than their first EP, Negro Necro Nekros, which is damn near perfect. Since then they have been mining some strange, dark, heavy, loud samples and looping odd beats and, in one particularly brilliant package, dueling on record with Faust, all of which has yielded interesting results. The samples on Ipecac’s page (happy B-day to them, by the way) evince more of the same.

Want more? Can’t find the CDs on iTunes? Go to and get yourself indoctrinated.