Monday, July 06, 2009

More on the previous

Many jobs back, I was introduced to Boiled in Lead by my boss, a woman nicknamed Jenzilla by the scared shitless drones in the back office. I was this woman’s assistant, sort of. I was hired to do payroll and administrative assistance work, but my job soon morphed until I was solely her minion. I took her calls and left messages. I covered her ass when needed and assumed she’d reward me with a good word to higher ups. Often my assumptions were well grounded, though I never made much money or got anywhere close to anywhere while slugging away at the numbers and enduring her strident voice.

But she did play the first two records by Boiled in Lead, which was compiled on one CD as Old Lead. I found a used copy a while back, but have not listened to this band since… well, since the 20th century. Sounds dramatic, right?

It’s nice to rediscover this band, though I have no clue what they’ve done since these early records. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sound nothing like the Irish with saxophones and wildly swirling violin rock that you’ll find on Old Lead. Nor do I care. This shit is pretty solid; I’ll save their more contemporary output for the next century.

Oh, here:

Check ‘em out.