Monday, August 31, 2009

Whatever, Lev

Chad Post already ranted against this article by Lev Grossman, but I thought I’d highlight this laughable piece myself. My favorite line is definitely:

“These books [Grossman’s vision of the plot driven wave of coming fiction] require a different set of tools, and a basic belief that plot and literary intelligence aren't mutually exclusive.”

Well, Lev, no one really ever said they were. Plot, story, character, these things have always been cherished by readers, despite their ranking on anyone’s literary ladder. If there is a “plot against plot” then it’s the Grossmans of the world who are looking for it and finding it tucked solely in their own subconscious fears of inadequacy. Are you feeling ashamed, Lev, for not liking the work of, say, Lobo Antunes or any other difficult writer? Sure, they jettison plot in favor of other interests, but there’s hardly a bereft of story in most of these so-called difficult books (modernist or post-modernist). One is either up for the challenge or not. No need to feel like a lesser reader, Lev.