Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yoani Sánchez

I’m late to this, which is shameful of me considering my interest in all things Cuban. I read about Yoani Sánchez but never made the trip over to her blog. For whatever reason I hadn’t yet made the tiny goddamn gesture of moving my mouse and clicking a button until yesterday. Sad, really.
Along with detailing life in Cuba, the blog links to a slew of other likeminded sites that should provide more than enough reading for those of you interested. Not interested? Fuck your apathy. Sorry to preach but it seems that the smallest gesture we privileged Yankees can do is click on a few of these and raise the hits. Most of these blogs are banned in Cuba, thus the bloggers blog “blind” sending their posts to outside sources who release them into the wilds of cyberspace. Sánchez and her ilk never see the fruits of their labors, all of which are done under the threat of various forms of punishment. Anyway, only a slim few percent of the population have internet access, all of which is heavily censored. Consider all of this when you make your next witty little tweet or blog about the brie you just ate in some new bistro.

Her husband’s blog is equally good: but the one that most haunts me is this one: