Friday, October 01, 2010

Is it me or is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia really hitting the skids? Season one was pretty damn brilliant and showed a lot of promise, promise that was delivered on by season two. Season two has all the best moments of the show (Charlie’s mood swings on performance enhancers, Frank’s Russian roulette den, Dennis tries to sleep with Charlie’s mom, Charlie asking an adding machine: “What are you?”) but by season three the cracks in the façade began to show. Don’t get me wrong, season three is pretty great (the serial killer episode is a favorite). It has more than its share of good moments, but there are undeniable clunkers. Season four can boast some good moments as well, but it has the worst Sunny episode of them all and began the era of the gang acting crazy without reason. It took a while for Frank and Charlie to go to crazytown back in the glory days, but now the gang has clearly had too many drinks and sniffed too much glue. Loving the show is hard these days. It’s like loving someone who when you first began dating showed enough humor, charm, and brains to make you love them, and then started to get lazy and stupid and, eventually, just dull. It’s time to give them one more chance or, as Dan Savage might say, dump the motherfucker already.

Thanks for listening.