Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog Adultery (or: Increasing my Culpability)

Today marks the first post of what may be many or few published over at You can read my blog post there as well as an assortment of poems whose publication I helped make happen (in a very small sense). Feel free to check out the cool bio and pic taken years ago by Xtop while hanging in the Bottoms of KC, MO.

I have always thought of this here blog as being a receptacle for my various obsessions, which, I admit, are of interest to me and maybe few others. I never sought a large audience or was dumb enough to think one existed. I have actually kept the blog a bit secret. If I do indeed post regularly to TriQuarterly then I will have to rethink the purpose of this site, as the blog I will write there is to be dedicated solely to poetry and thoughts of that nature. Also, I doubt I’ll curse as much over there. So if I am to reserve the poetic observations for TriQuarterly than this blog will be freed up to focus on half-informed political rants, furious opinions on the decline of contemporary music, and other business of equal importance. In other words: a typical blog.

Then again, now that I have an editor, I may come screaming back to blogspot full time.

All this dovetails nicely with my thoughts on Dubravka Ugresic’s new book, Karaoke Culture, which I am 80 some pages into and LOVING! While the book delights, I must admit to feeling guilty with each passing page. If we are living in the era of Karaoke Culture, I am as culpable as the next blogger (read: amateur critic/writer). More on this once I finish this book.