Friday, October 09, 2015

FAQ RE: My Book

1. When is it due to be published?

11/1/2015, I believe.

2. Are there swear words?

On every page.

3. Is there sex?

I’m too shy to write dirty stuff, though there’s a bit of it and some suggestions of nasty play, but it’s pretty PG.  Save for the excessive swear words.

4. Are there dogs in the book?

Not a one.

5. What’s with the title?

It’s a simile.

6. Will I like the book?

Depends.  I can’t expect anyone to like it.  But I’ve gotten some nice feedback.  Will you like it?  Who knows—maybe not.  It’s pretty much a rambling collection of work stories and drunk tales, self-important youth stories finished with jaded middle-age me in academia and lawyerland.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you found it bitter and solipsistic. 

7. I know you.  Am I in the book?

Maybe.  I changed some names, not all.  And I wrote a few people out of the book.  Don’t be offended either way.  And it’s not like I felt the need to adequately represent anyone.  Not my job.

8. Who the hell do you think you are writing a goddamn book?

I am the exact opposite of Jonathan Frazen.  Let that determine your interest in my work. 

I hope that settles things.  I’ll happily answer or ignore any other questions as I see fit.  Thank you for your time.