Thursday, December 16, 2004

No TV makes Vince something something

I got rid of my TV back in August. I did this for numerous reasons, too many to name. Okay, a few: My Uncle needed a TV and I let him have mine. I didn’t feel like moving it. I decided I needed a new one anyway and haven’t gotten around to hitting Best Buy. I have a library of about 2000 books and have only read a fraction of them. And I am in school and working full time, so there is no reason to be sitting on the couch watching Paris and Nicole act like spoiled bitches. It feels like a healthy move. I can prove that life can continue without seeing the same Simpsons and Seinfeld reruns I have already committed to memory. I will most likely get another TV soon enough, but for the time being I should just sit back, read and enjoy my quiet. Oh, and there’s the added bonus of telling people, “I don’t have a television” and acting like a real asshole.

But something is bothering me. I really want to watch The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover right now. More than any other DVD in my collection, I really want to see this one. As of this moment it is my favorite film. Why not? It used to be Taxi Driver, then 8 1/2, then Miller’s Crossing. I used to tell everyone my favorite film was Time Bandits. Or Dawn of the Dead. Or Big Trouble in Little China. Or Once Upon a Time in America. I miss them all, but for fuck’s sake, I really want to see Helen Mirren cheat on her fat, boorish husband in the kitchen of that restaurant. I want to see Tim Roth kill a man with books. I want to see what a fully cooked human being looks like. Is any of this too much to ask?

I went looking for a new laptop recently—a Powerbook to be more precise—and the main feature of interest was their ability to play DVDs. So I’ll replace one flickering screen with another; it’s like getting off heroin and becoming addicted to methadone. And I’ve found myself buying CDs more and more. That before mentioned silence will soon be drowned out by all manner of recorded noise. If the absence of TV is going to leave a hole in my life, at least I can fill it with something worthwhile, i.e., literature and music. And liquor.

My biggest fear: I will be so starved for visual entertainment that I will find myself in line, money in hand, ready and willing to see the new Bridget Jones movie or that Christmas with the Kranks shit. Pray for me.