Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Non-Stop Hollywood Movie Show

What a time to be a Kinks fan. Ray Davies, gunshot survivor and leader of the legendary Kinks, has a new record out and, subsequently, has been all over Chicago radio these past two nights. Tossing the schoolbooks, I drove around town, smoked and listened to Ray being interviewed about the typical nonsense. While not stellar or revealing inquires, it was nice to hear the man speak and listen to some of the new record. Overall, some of Other People’s Lives sounds like the typical effort by an aging rock star but a few songs contain that old power, irony and emotion that Davies is known for. I’ll buy it one of these days so it can grow on me and then retire gracefully next to the last Butthole Surfers’ CD that I kind of like but only bought out of a sense of obligation.

I always thought the Kinks were an interesting footnote in rock history, having only heard “You Really Got Me” and other pop songs similarly crucified by FM radio. As always, Xtop brought me up to speed with the gift of Village Green Preservation Society and since then, slowly but surely, the Kinks have cemented a place among my favorite bands.

Thanks for listening.