Monday, June 12, 2006

Shut Up and Play Your Guitar

Dylan all ready had a documentary devoted to him, a rather tedious and annoying film that perfectly reflects Bob’s music. Anyway, this movie is considered a classic of sorts, but that was not enough. Now there’s a four-hour celluloid blowjob called No Direction Home to fully satisfy the rabid fans that buy anything connected to Mr. Zimmerman, including his tragic Starbucks endorsed material. Following suit, Neil Young has a movie out, or someone has a movie out about him, however that works. Today I read that Leonard Cohen is to be the subject of a new documentary. Now I love Leonard Cohen, but for Christ’s sake this is getting to be too much.

Wilco, a band I truly despise, has a documentary as does Fugazi, and even R.E.M. I think. Well, even if they don’t, theirs will along shortly, I am sure.

I suppose I might get excited if The Melvins or The Boredoms or Tom Waits suddenly became worthy of a documentary, but at this moment I’m starting to agree with Patton Oswalt’s comment that we are living in the over-lit ages.