Wednesday, September 13, 2006


My words have come to exist in a parallel world known as Taipei Movie One. Go here to read more about it: Go to New England or Taiwan to see it for your own damn self. Or ask me nice and I’ll screen it for you. It’ll be the most exciting 19 minutes of your day.

Seriously, I trusted DC with my words and he managed to do something wonderful with them. This was one of the major factors in my decision to study this writing thing on the graduate level. Thanks, DC. The other great factor is, of course, the continued support of mi bella niña, who is, of course, the inspiration for the words themselves, the decision to face the fears and go to grad school, the reason I went back to college to begin with, the reason I made it this far, the reason why I continue to allow air to enter my lungs and food to digest inside me; the reason I do everything I do, good, bad and in between.

One day there will be a wall around us and nothing so petty will get through. And the world will fall at our feet, goddamnit, it has to.