Friday, January 12, 2007


I found Ciaran Carson’s hard to find book The Irish for No on going for between $10-$100 plus. Some of these expensive editions are signed by the man himself, which is cool but I could always just get a cheap copy and fly to Belfast to met the great poet.

Sadly, I have to watch this sort of splashing out for the rest of the month, school tuition and rent and all the little things that have added up. Still, I browsed and also found some McGuckian books that don’t seem to pop up much in the used (or new) stores of Chi. Ah, I’ll have to content myself with the backlog of Northern Irish poetry I have in stock.

In other (non) news, anyone who comes here (hola, niña) might notice that I changed the profile somewhat, most notably the “Interests” section. Coffee has been replaced by tea, which is true inside and out. No longer will I do the java jive. It is all on me and not the fault of the coffee. I know what coffee will do if I drink tons of it, but I can’t seem to keep it at two cups a day. Not to mention I tend to load up on cream and sugar when the black blood brew does not meet my standards (rarely) and so I add a shit load of dairy (disgusting) and white crack into my system. My belly will be thankful. Besides, tea is so much better. Calming when one needs calm, stimulating in the morning when one craves a fog lift. Warm and healing physically and spiritually—tea is simple and perfect. The other interests, of course, remain.

That’s all the reporting for now. No other news to relate, and even those items above are probably not going to shake any foundations. Again I call into question the purpose of the blog. Such an ugly little word, blog. I don’t care for the word or that which it represents. Nevertheless, I sally forth with my own piece of cyberego because it serves not only as an outlet but it allows you, mi vida, mi corazón, to have a place to go each day that is not blocked by the lawyer-cops who cruelly prevent you from loading up on a daily dose of Craigslist smut. Besos, amor. Ciao.