Monday, September 10, 2007

Even more Bulgakov!

Just when I thought I had them all, here comes this:

Yep, a 5th translation of The Master and Margarita. It came out last year and I may have a copy, I'm really not sure. I bought a copy of this my favorite book while in Taipei. It was, and still is, factory sealed. So I have no idea which translation it is and I aimed to keep it that way. I obsess over this shit way too much so I figured the ultimate protest against my goofy disease would be to leave the book neatly in plastic, shelved alongside my many other copies. But now it seems there is another translation and I might have it! I could find out or I could just keep it intact and hunt for another copy. I will probably leave it alone. I need some mystery in my life.

This, plus the new A Dog's Heart, aka Heart of a Dog, and White Guard... oh, it's raining Bulgakov on the shores of the Hungry Inferno and I couldn't be happier. It's 2007 and Comrade Bulgakov lives!