Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I realized today:

that I would sooner listen to any song by Hall & Oates than Bob Dylan. In fact, I don’t care if I ever hear another Dylan song again, except for “The Man in Me” and that is only worth hearing in the context of The Big Lebowski;

that Messer Chups is the coolest band working;

that life is too short not to smoke;

that I may be dead by 50 if I don’t change my ways;

that the majority of what I do from 9-5 during the week is fairly inconsequential to the greater design of the universe;

that I am beginning to tire of alcohol but that will likely change;

that I am smarter than most people I meet but not nearly as smart as I think I am;

that I am not nearly as smart as most people seem to think I am;

that I am not as dumb as many people think;

that jobs ought to be outlawed;

that I am flying through life;

that none of this matters much to anyone but me;

that blogs are by nature ridiculous.