Friday, October 03, 2008

My angry night

It would be so much easier to sink into the apolitical swamp, but I can’t seem to.

Last night, at approximately 9:17 PM, I stormed out of my apartment and went outside to smoke a cigarette and calm the fuck down. The debates take a lot of out a guy, you know? The bullshit gets to be too much and I, for one, have to get away from it for at least a few minutes. Having endured my threshold’s limit of sound-bites, baiting, evasions, empty rhetoric and the abuse of the word “maverick,” I got up and went to find solace in the chilly Chicago air.

What bothered me most? I don’t know… it might have been Biden’s statement that neither he nor Obama supports gay marriage in the sense that they don’t want to redefine the word (or ruffle voter feathers), though, of course, they support equal rights and civil unions, blah blah blah and more blah. Sorry, but a civil union is not the same as a marriage, and if it is then why call it a civil union? Why not just call a spade a spade and a marriage a marriage? Why not give the same rights (literal and symbolic) to everyone despite who they choose to love?

Outside I decided that I was done caring. No more politics, no more heartbreak and woe over the state of the crumbing union. I was done with it all and I don’t give a mad-ass fuck who wins anymore. If only I could I really feel that way. If only…

Anyway, I split for a smoke and returned in time to catch the wrap up debate bullshit, which was about as significant as the rest of it. I stayed up and watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is my new favorite show and the only thing I run home to catch every week. Sadly, that too was a dud. Oh well, here’s hoping everything looks better this time next week.