Thursday, February 19, 2009


For an utter lack of things to talk about at the moment, I offer the following list of songs that I am listening to today thanks of my hard-drive and a shuffle setting (by the way, credit for this type of post goes to my brother who, on occasion, blogs about his iPod shuffling):

“Hot, Blue and Righteous” by ZZ Top

You know, just fucking classic. The most underrated of guitar gods.

“I Saw Gener Cryin’ in His Sleep” by Ween

An overlooked song from Pure Guava with a wonderful whistle solo. Who whistles on records anymore?

“Super Going” by Boredoms

13 minutes of perfection. My workout music.

“Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber” by Wu-Tang Clan

The best Wu-Tang cut from their classic debut. Every member is featured (save for U-God and Masta Killa, both of who only contributed limited verses on the record due to some jail time) and each one is on fire. An unbelievable pas-the-mic song.

“I Hear Voices” Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

You know about the Screamin’ Jay or you don’t know much.

“Connie” by Bongwater

It was only a matter of time—I have every record of theirs, in full, on my hard-drive. That’s a lot of drug-fueled genius.

“Whiskey Bound” by Vincent & Mr. Green

Moody, dark, intense. I forget what an incredible album this is.

“En Rapport” by James Emry

Strange, frantic jazz guitar. I think you call this “avant-garde.”

“Gansta Gansta” by NWA

Yeah, I have no clue what’s happening in rap or hip-hop, or whatever you want to call it, at least not these days. I prefer to remember when Ice Cube was the most terrifying man in America and Ice-T was synonymous with “Cop Killer” and not TV cop. I mean, look at my hip-hop collection and you’ll see all this early 90s or even late 80s shit. Who the fuck is 50 Cent? Jay-Z? No fucking clue, nor do I care. Ice Cube, Chuck D, KRS-One, Method Man, ODB, GZA, Ghostface Killah, Rakim, Shock G, De La Soul, Q-Tip, these are the people I give a goddamn about. So lay off me when all the shit that pops up here is what the kids might call “old,” not “old school.”

“La Noche Y Tu” by Lola Beltran

Thanks, niña, for this. A nice way to close the experiments and this here post. Back to work now. Thanks for listening.