Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perry Farrell, Still an Idiot

As much as I loved Jane’s Addiction in 1991, I was quickly convinced of Perry Farrell’s stupidity when I read in an interview his claim to have looted during the Rodney King riots. Sure, Perry. Your skinny white ass didn’t stand out at all, huh? A white truck driver gets his head stomped on camera and you, with your silly white-boy dreds and heroin slim body, escaped unscathed? It’s not like there were a ton of Janes’s fans in the black community. But oh yeah, you fit right in.

Then I saw his movie, Gift, which stands as the worst thing I’ve ever seen burned into celluloid. I threw away the Jane’s T-Shirt later that evening.

Despite not making any interesting music in over a decade, Farrell continues to get his name in the paper simply for being in charge of the Lollapalooza music festival. This allows him to say asinine things to the tune of, bummed about the recession, come check out Lollapalooza, it’ll distract you (paraphrase). Sure, Perry. How much are those tickets? Exactly. Sorry, but I can’t afford to throw away money on a bloated music festival, especially when it’s headlined by a reformed irrelevant band that was at its peak when it broke up.