Friday, May 22, 2009


Cassandra and I watched Žižek! last night, an hour long documentary on the hot-shit cultural theorist of the day. There were, as expected, moments when I was awed by the quick mind of Slavoj Žižek and just as many moments when I scratched my head. And, of course, I had to laugh at almost everything the guy did. Like a walking tic, he can’t remain still or stop talking, he admits, for fear of people suddenly thinking he’s not as smart as his reputation would have you believe.

Here’s a fun little transcript from last year that raises a point about our sad country and implies that the left, when they gain power, are in danger of losing the myth. Žižek mentions 1968, which is one of the most interesting years in 20th century history. Think of everything that happened: Another dead Kennedy, MLK assassinated, the Democratic Convention here in Chicago, the slaughter in Mexico City, The strike and student revolution in Paris, the Prague Spring, the Tet Offensive, JBJ decides not to run for reelection, Yugoslavia’s 1968 demonstrations… it’s staggering.