Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wrapping Up

Departing, for now, from the recent announcement that a judge is seeking the arrests of some dirty war practitioners in Chile, let me return to the would-be art criticism for a second, okay? Okay.

One of the better reviews of Inglorious Bastards cited a bad reason to not like the film, of which I am guilty: one should not criticize art for not being what it was expected to be. I wanted a movie that was promised by the trailers. I was pissed about the bait-n-switch. A legitimate complaint if I do say so myself, but, all things considered, not the best way to approach a film, book, etc. and so forth.

Having said that: the film, in my opinion, is still flabby and dull and not a masterpiece. It is ambitious, and I applaud ambition, even when it does not conform to expectations (as in the case of my much loved 2666). Still, I do ask for something more than a lot of needless dialogue stretching scenes like silly putty. On that, The Onion has summed up the movie better than anyone:,31969/

This effectively ends my week of thinking about a movie that doesn’t deserve this much thought. Stay tuned for the usual rants, raves, fake criticisms, book worship, and links to various flotsams and maybe, dare I say it, a few jetsams.