Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bookstore Lists, So What?

Sigh… okay, so my heart will always belong to the Aspidistra, and I will forever lament the closing of so many bookstores here in Chi, but so long as the Seminary Coop is around, I can’t complain, as it is easily one of the finest bookstores in the country. That being said, it didn’t make this joker’s list. Damn. That might sting less were it not for the inclusion of The Strand, the second most overrated bookstore I’ve ever set foot in (Shakespeare and Company being the first). Another note: sorry to my Portland peeps, but Powells, as massive as it is, really isn’t that great. The prices are sky-high and, all things considered, that store is more about quantity than anything else. Their online business is pretty great, and I love the (original) Chicago locations, and while I admit that my trip to Portland to snag some used gems was semi-fruitful , I think the real draw of Powells is the size of the beast.

All that said, I have to agree with the author of this response that the best bookstore debate is pretty silly. The best store is the one you love, period.