Thursday, April 09, 2015

24 Great Replacements Songs

In an attempt to answer a friend’s question about where to begin with The Replacements, I let loose a bit of gibberish about why Let it Be is their best record though not a perfect record and how, really, the Mats never made a perfect record, though Let it Be and Tim are damn near close, but that ignores a lot of other great songs, which gave birth to this post, which I’m calling: “24 Great Replacements Songs” though you know that already since it’s the title of this post, which is above this rambling sentence. 


In no special order, here are the songs that belong on anyone’s Replacements mix:

“Favorite Thing”
“Left of the Dial”
“Here Comes a Regular”
“Little Mascara”
“Bastards of Young” (though the live version from SNL is preferable to the studio recording)
“Black Diamond” (better than the original version by Kiss)
“Swingin’ Party”
“Kiss Me on the Bus”
“Take Me Down to the Hospital”
“Buck Hill”
“Lookin’ For Ya”
“Mr.  Whirley”
“Color Me Impressed”
“Alex Chilton”
“Can’t Hardly Wait”
“Achin’ to Be”
“Talent Show”
“One Wink at a Time”
“If Only You Were Lonely” 

“Waitress in the Sky”