Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Best of 2015

2015 is limping to an end making way for a 2016 that is sure to be rife with fears, doubts, brief bursts of elation, and the ongoing certainty that all is illusion save for whatever meaning I thrust upon an empty universe.  Without any other duties to attend to, save for those that are so pressing they will likely not be addressed, I’m throwing together my end-of-the-year list comprised of random shit of little interest to anyone other than me, which is pretty much the same as any other dumb end-of-the-year list composed by anyone else on these here internets. 

So let’s go.

Best thing I ate this year: My own words.

Best thing I drank: Whiskey and lots of it.

Best book I read: Finnegans Wake, only took the whole year.

Best book I wrote: Like a Dog, which I wrote during previous years but edited this year, now available through Amazon.com, please buy a copy, I like money, thanks.

Best place I visited: I only went to New Orleans this year—no other vacations, really. So NOLA gets the vote as it should because NOLA is the best city in the USA next to Chicago, and often I feel it is a whole lot better, because really what the hell is so great about Chicago with its crime and filth and corruption and high rents and traffic and construction and debt and Jesus what am I doing in this town?

Best place I spent any time whatsoever: My couch with my dog, Finnegans Wake, and a glass of whiskey. 

Best job I worked: RU, my only job, a nice change for me. 

Best movie I saw: The Guard over and over on cable to the point where I know every line.

Best TV show I watched: Better Call Saul goddamnit.  Runner up: You’re the Worst, a delightful sitcom.

Best concert: Mekons, of course.  

Best moment at a concert: Morrissey referring to meat as shit and KFC as murder. 

Best songs to appear one after another on shuffle as I ran across a dewy track in the autumn morning: “Looking for a Kiss” by the New York Dolls followed by “Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely” by Hüsker Dü. 

Best sleep I got: This week, as I am on break, thankfully.

Best end-of-the-year list: This one, though it could’ve been better.