Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My beloved Mimicry shifts its values and finally updates its site

[From: http://www.webofmimicry.com/ ]

How so? Taking valiant works and isolating them in difficult formats, and then burying them further under a suicidally inappropriate sheen of avant gardeism constitutes a 'shift in values'"?

Yeah, well... But we're mainly just getting in the habit of freeing our limited resources to support only what we feel are truly "special case" instances in music. Kang's acoustic recordings of actual ensembles is a good start. We've learned a lot in our EIGHT FUCKING YEARS as a label. If in the last year we've been intentionally gettinglighter of releases, it's because we intend to re-awaken a space (probably often outside of the usual band format) where the disappearing art of compositional mastery is most highly valued -- and/or where a true "exceptional-ness" of some sort really shows, be it on an order approaching Beethoven, GG Allin, or Bernard wwParmegiani; its important that a certain poetic / philosophical explosiveness be seen THRIVING here in all its innate madness...

Besides the fact that in general things like we are dreaming of don't seem to be happening in music on the artistic side of the spectrum very much (yet / anymore), we do see fewer and fewer obstacles to fulfilling our objective as a label. In order to be a good host whenever this muse should authentically strike, we'll stubbornly wait in silence for her, and only her. Our Halls (and the gaping void in our release schedule) will henceforth be filled only with the Maenads of extraordinary compositional /philosophical acumen, or with the mad fucking shrieksof Dionysus himself.