Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Follow Up


Following up the Mark Strand related post, the Reader printed my letter. A response was offered by the author of the offending article, a rather lame response. He sent me to a web site wherein I might read stats about the lack of sales for poetry, which was no new news. Still, while that is hard to argue, it seems he missed the point I was trying to make and anyway he ignored most of my other criticisms, instead pointed out that one of them was against the headline for the coulmn, which he did not write. Thank god I will never be a journalist; I'd hate it if anyone put their words in my mouth, or even alongside my name.

Oh, and he pointed out that he does not care for Strand's "Eating Poetry" though he knows many people like it, implying that many people have read it and Strand and therefore contradicting his own point that no one reads contemporary poetry. I feel good about all this.