Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Anti-Hero

Christopher Hitchens, my favorite asshole, certainly the smartest person working (occasionally) for the right, endorses Obama despite thinking the senator to be overrated. Fair enough, though many of us are willing to let Obama be put to the test. But his backing, slight though it may be, is fueled by his outrage at the debacle of a campaign that has been McPalin. Read all about it here but let me share my two favorite bits with you first:

"I suppose it could be said, as Michael Gerson has alleged, that the Obama campaign's choice of the word erratic to describe McCain is also an insinuation. But really, it's only a euphemism."

"The most insulting thing that a politician can do is to compel you to ask yourself: "What does he take me for?" Precisely this question is provoked by the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin."

I have been saying this for many weeks. Thanks for backing me up, Hitch.